• Effective Antibot Captcha

    Antibot Captcha is most secure and effective way to reduce spam, which is developed and maintain by Santanu Brahma. Surround Words, Stylish Font, Ajax Reload and Talking Mode are key feature of this advance captcha. View App

  • English Bengali Phonetic

    This is a example of how can represent English pronunciation in Bengali and show Bengali font with help of Unicode. I have used a custom algorithm to represent pronunciation from English to Bengali with font. View App

  • Three Dimensional Planet

    Three Dimensional Planet developed with HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery UI. Mouse controlled camera position and virtual 3D is the most attractive fetchers of the application. Jquery rotator plugins used for 3D rotation. View App

  • Online Information Tool

    This application can demonstrate bunch of tools including Google PR, Alexa Rank, IBL, OBL, Keyword Position, Domain WhoIs, IP Trace Route and more. CURL and Web Service is mainly used for get those data. View App

  • Social Network Opensign

    Social Network Opensign is a service to give better user experience with relevant user account authentication for third party services like Google, Yahoo Microsoft, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest etc. View App

  • Advance PDF Webviewer

    Browser based client side PDF viewer with most of the Adobe Reader functionalities. This application is developed with HTML, CSS, JS and fully cross browser supported. You are welcome to view the live demonstration. View App

  • Three Dimensional Room

    Three Dimensional Room developed with HTML, CSS and JQuery. Mouse controlled camera position and virtual 3D is developed with mathematical algorithm. Jquery 3D Engine plug-ins used for build the application. View App

  • Instant Websearch Engine

    Instant Websearch Engine and real time result. This application is demonstration purpose only and search result provided by Bing. With help of JQuery and JSON fetch and show data with interaction of keyboard. View App

  • Social Contact Importer

    Contact Contact Importer is a part of social communication. With relevent API services here we can grab contact book from user's with authonticated them with third party services like Google, Yahoo Microsft etc. View App

  • Online Document Editor

    Online Document Editor developed with HTML, CSS and Java Script. Office look like interface is attractive fetchers of this application. We are upgrdaing the app for real expreance of MS Word like user interface. View App

  • Computer Desktop View

    This is a demostration of virtual computer desktop with all activities what we can do in a computer desktop with multiple window, start menu, taskbar activities and more. It will be a complete browser based cloud OS. View App

  • Paypal Payment Gateway

    Here we demonstrated paypal gateway and online merchant services including Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout. This examples are demonstration purpose only and enabled for SandBox mode. View App

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